Zapier lets you connect Datananas with 1400+ business tools

Connect Zapier to keep your sales funnel updated when you send or receive sales emails, change contact status or update fields.

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Sales automation ideas to integrate Zapier and Datananas in your lead generation flows

Here are just few samples of Zapier and Datananas integration use cases, simply create your account to build your own!

what is Zapier?

Zapier connect Datananas triggers and actions to 1400+ business tools

If you need to automate any sales or email tasks with a software that has no native synchronisation with Datananas yet, there is a great chance you will be able to do it with Zapier!

what is Datananas?

Datananas reduce time to execute outbound sales process with sales engagement features

What if you could run prospecting activities in one-place?
Now you can find new leads with key infos, schedule sales email sequences and synchronize qualified leads with your favorite tools.

Zapier integration in short video

How to use Zapier with Datananas ?

  1. Create your account or login
  2. Go to Settings > Integrations > Zapier page
  3. Follow instructions to connect your Zapier account

about Zapier x Datananas integration

Automate email conversions with other applications

Zapier works according to the "event - action" / "if - then" principle. It is up to each user to define their own automation scenario, called "Zap".

This way, Zapier allows you to synchronize your business tools automatically in order to share updated informations with your marketing stack.

Set triggers based on email reply categories and trigger follow-up actions every time you receive an email from your prospects.

Ex. IF new positive reply is detected THEN create lead in my CRM

Build the more complex sales workflows

Add qualified contacts to your CRM instantly and keep all your data updated at anytime.

Ex. IF contact status is qualified THEN create lead in my CRM AND create an Opportunity in my CRM's pipeline

Automations offered by Zapier are virtually unlimited

They depend only on the desire of software providers to make the various "event" or "action" functions of their software available.

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