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Each of our 4 sales representative receives between 2 and 3 new appointment requests per day in Salesforce.

Matthieu Gibert

Lead Marketing Manager

Reed Midem

International Events



Reed Midem is an international trade show planner. The company gathers for a few days the main actors of a given industry at the same place, mainly working with the music industry, TV industry, real estate agents, and more recently with e-sport actors.

We use different kinds of content to generate inbound leads, such as our newsletter, white papers or webinars. Regarding our outbound strategy, the marketing identifies leads and qualifies them. Then they build custom sales sequences and engage the leads on behalf of the sales team.

We now have "hot" qualified leads in Salesforce

Datananas allows us to generate qualified leads directly in our CRM. Leads we can qualify as "hot". We are able to synchronize in Salesforce all leads that reply with a positive intent, thanks to the Artificial Intelligence that classifies email replies.

Our sales teams can now focus only on interested prospects and it is a real time saver. Also, it creates a great synergy between marketing and sales teams. Both teams now work together to create better sales sequences.

The increase in revenue covers 3X the costs in just 3 months

The Return on Investment is huge : more then 3X. This means that in less than 3 months of using Datananas promoting only one trade show, we generated 3 times revenue than what we spent!

The software is easy to use and easy to understand. Our salespeople quickly understood the value proposition of the software and they adopted it as soon as they understood how much time they saved.

Datananas' customer service team is really responsive. They know what they are doing and master their subject and that's comforting when building your first email sequences because you know you will improve over time and increase your reply rate.

More than 450 companies use Datananas to grow their revenue
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